Mar 31, 2011

BATTLE 4: Mumakil/Oliphaunt VS. Gorax


It's colossus versus colossus as these two 100 foot tall giants clash on the battlefield. The Haradrim SUV, the Mumakil against the Ewok munching giant, the Gorax.

For the purposes of this fight, the Mumakil will be complete with it's driver and tower atop it full of nasty Haradrim archers to fully balance the sentience and tool use of the Gorax.

It's Lord of the Rings versus Star Wars as both these behemoths come to bear...

The Oliphaunt:
  • War tower atop it's back with deadly accurate archers.
  • Four malicious tusks able to swat and gore all that lie before it.
  • Barbs and spikes mounted on the tusks and the feet of this giant animal.
  • A thunderous forward charge that shakes the very ground.

The Gorax:
  • Eater of the sentient creatures of Endor, this creature is an expert hunter
  • Intelligent, even incorporating tools, traps and weapons into it's arsenal
  • Immensely strong
  • Sharp teeth set in a powerful jaw to break through the bones of even the toughest prey

So which titan wins the clash? YOU DECIDE!

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