Mar 31, 2011

BATTLE 3: The Darkness VS. Hellspawn

This fantasy battle is between two main powers gifted by an evil force and less about the men that wield it. Though Jackie Estacado and Al Simmons are the best known wielders of the Darkness and the mantle of Spawn respectively, this is not about those men. In both cases the human involved is less important, it is whether or not the great artifact known as the Darkness can defeat Malebolgia's general of Hell, the Hell Spawn.

For the purposes of not letting one or the other have a greater upper hand, the setting for the battle will be a modern metropolis, let's say London, England. Why London? Due to its heavy fogs, dense cloud cover during the day and ancient streets and architecture, both combatants will have a fair and just fight giving their strengths and weaknesses. Speaking of which...

The Darkness:
  • Does not function in daylight whatsoever, however if the sunlight is obstructed, it will function just as well as at night.
  • The wearer can create anything they can conceive, including living creatures called Darklings whom are violent and tend to curse a lot.
  • Nothing is out of bounds, wielders have even created false humans for various purposes. Weapons are also a common manifestation.
  • The wearer has a telepathic connection with their Darklings that allows them to perceive what they are perceiving and control their every move.
  • Heals rapidly in darkness

  • Symbiotic suit made up of Necroplasm, a hell-born substance that protects the wearer from harm and resists most standard attacks.
  • The suit of the Spawn is alive, and sentient, able to react like an appendage utilizing a cowl, chains, and even spikes to execute different tasks in combat.
  • The suit can surround and amplify weapons and vehicles as well making them much more powerful and causing hellish damage to their opponent.
  • Spawn's have been known to assume the forms of others using the suit's Necroplasm.

These are your choices in this brutal fight between Darkness and Hell-Fire. Who will stand victorious atop the corpse of the other? YOU DECIDE!

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