Apr 1, 2011

BATTLE 5: King Leonidas (300) VS. Achilles (Troy)


Shields, spears and sandals clash as these two ancient Greek heroes collide in a Colisseum of carnage. While this one may be a little "DEADLIEST WARRIOR", this battle is intended on being between the movie renditions of them, NOT the actual figures of myth and ancient history. Both call Greece home but only one can be victorious.

Other sites have debated this match-up before but who cares, I want to know what you think!

King Leonidas:
  • Spartan training, a regimen that hardened him as strong as steel
  • Mastery of his weapons and shield
  • Highly agile, able to take on a plethora of different opponents without fear

  • Supernatural parentage
  • Dipped in River Styx to give him near immortality save the back of his foot
  • Proficient swordsman and javelin thrower
  • Quick footed and precise fighter, down large opponents in single strikes

Who should win, who is the god of Greek warfare? YOU DECIDE!

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