Mar 30, 2011

BATTLE 1: TEAM MATCHUP: Richard Rahl and Cara VS. Raistlin Majere and Drizzt Do'Urden

Alright this premier matchup comes from my long love of Fantasy. In this square-off we see the Terry Goodkind created Sword of Truth series hero Richard Rahl along with his Mord-Sith companion Cara against a terrible twosome of redeemed villainy functioning for the greater good; D&D alumnists Raistlin Majere from DragonLance fame and Drizzt Do'urden from the Dark Elf Trilogy. These four will do battle against one another using the best power and ablilities to destroy the other. We don't use stats for these battles because one system reflects only one kind of world. If you are not familiar with the totality of each characters abilities please review the links below to get the full synopsis. In summation this is what everyone brings to the party.

Richard Rahl:
  • The infamous Seeker of Truth is armed with magic, the Sword Truth and some notable hand-to-hand combat ability.
  • As a War Wizard, he is the first in millennia to wield both additive and subtractive magic simultaneously
  • The Sword of Truth, which is utterly useless in others hands, when wielded by a Seeker is empowered by that Seeker's own abilities and emotions.

Cara the Mord-Sith:
  • Immune to most forms of pain and torture
  • Steely resolve, most likely unafraid of any combatant
  • Wields a special weapons called an Aiegel which causes pain and torture on anyone is used upon
  • Some magic ability, enough to turn the mages magic into pain back upon them

Raistlin Majere:
  • Wizard of the Red Robes after the tower of High Sorcery
  • Wields a wide array of magical spells
  • Owns the staff of Magius, an ancient magical artifact of great power
  • Can perceive time as it passes

Drizzt Do'Urden
  • As a Drow Elf, he can see in pitch darkness and cast globes of darkness which blanket an area
  • He uses Faerie Fire to outline targets if they have gone invisible
  • He wields two swords at the same time, one is named Twinkle, the other Icing Death
  • Twinkle has the ability to help parry an opponents attack
  • Icing Death can absorb fire attacks protecting Drizzt
  • He has a figurine that summons his black panther Guenhwyvar from it
  • In a trance called the "Hunter" he can perform much better in combat than normal'Urden

Weigh the combatants carefully and decide who will win this LEGENDARY BATTLE!


  1. This is an interesting match up. I'd say the bringer of death and the hunter are on even ground. Richard really doesn't know how to wield his magic so this battle is a tie. What it come down to is raistlin vs cara. Cara has the ability to use a wizards magic against him, but as proven by richard if you can deal with the pain this control can be overcome. Raistlin has dealt with unbearable pain ever since his test in the tower. I believe because of this raistlin could overcome cara. Throw in the added advantage of Guenhwyvar who is no slouch either and I think Drizzt and Raistlin win a very close battle. However, richard is an enigma and his magic comes through need, and always when he needs it the most, he could very well end this battle in the blink of an eye, and I doubt the mother confessor is gonna stand by and watch the battle, if she joins, its an easy win for the sword of truth series. But without the mother confessor. I feel Drizzt and Raist would win. Great match up though.

    This was very hard for me, I read every book in each of these series. Goodkind, Salvatore, and Weiss and Hickman are my favorite authors above all. Goodkind is probably my favorite. But I still believe he loses this battle.

  2. As an after though, This prediction was based on a Red Robed Raistlin...If he was already the Master of present and Past (Black Robed) Cara has no chance, and Raistlin may possibly even possibly beat Richard by Himself.....Raist was the Ultimate Hero or Badass in Black (however you like to think of him).

  3. raistlin overthrew the entire DL pantheon by himself. He wins. Always.

  4. Raistlin would kick ass of everyone.

  5. Richard Rahl would beat them all out! Dont forget that Richard is not only a War-Wizard with powers he himself cannot fully use. But he also carries the sword of truth which is immune to EVERYTHING!

  6. I believe everyone is underestimating the power of the Mord-Sith. Raistlin may be a badass, but as soon as he casts a spell at Cara he will be unable to use any more magic, which leaves Lord Rahl and Drizzt to battle each other. This battle would be decided by wether Drizzt's blades can endure hits from the Sword of Truth. if they can, Richard will be hard-pressed to survive, much less win. Especially if Drizzt goes into the Hunter mode.

  7. Drizzt, Guenwhyvar, and especially Raistlin will own anyone you throw at them. Dick Rail or whatever hackneyed, sword of truth slinging, Elric of Melnibone knockoff or soda-masochistic, nymphomaniac, dominatrix sorceress with as much power as pappa smurf wouldn't even be able to defeat either Drizzt or Raistlin even if either were to be afflicted with a traumatic brain injury.

    Also don't forget that Raistlin has a dragon orb and can call upon its power to summon a flight of dragons, not to mention the fact that he's basically immortal and capable of slaying gods.

  8. Under the circumstances listed above where Raistlin is still in red robes. I have to give this to Richard and Cara. If however Raist were in black a different outcome would be forthcoming.